Which Keywords Transfer?


So you know all about Keywords, and how they work in combat, but not all keywords are the same. Whether it's to keep your deck viable or to prevent misuse of power, some keywords may not always be shared between units the way you think they might. So how can you witness the glorious evolution (of the meta) if a keyword doesn't transfer when you need it to? We're here to help you Augment your units, go Deep, and fight to the Last Breath, because knowledge is power.

Please Note

The meta is always evolving, so which keywords do and don't transfer are subject to change.

Keywords That DO Transfer


Keywords That DO NOT Transfer


Challenger Attune
Elusive Augment
Fearsome Barrier
Fury Can't Block
Impact* Deep
Lifesteal Double Attack
Lurk Ephemeral
Overwhelm Immobile
Quick Attack Last Breath
Regeneration Manifest
Scout Vulnerable
Spell Shield  

*One stack of Impact transfers at a time.

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