Legends of Runeterra - Lunar Celebration


Take charge of the New Year and channel your inner beast, because the Lunar Celebration has taken over Legends of Runeterra. Starting on February 3rd, 2021 at 11:00 AM (PST), you'll be able to ring in the New Year with style. It's the Year of the Ox, so the Lunar Beast Squad is ready to bring the coming year's positivity and effort into their hunt for the Lunar Beast. But what does that mean for you? It wouldn't be an event without new rewards and missions, so let's get this party started!



Aphelios has joined Targon as its newest champion. The Weapon of the Faithful may be making his debut just in time for the Lunar Celebration, but this Lunari legend is here to stay. With Nightfall synergy, a host of unique spells in the form of Moon Weapons, and a brand new mechanic, Apehlios has more than earned his own article. Head over here to learn more about Apehlios' abilities and mechanics, or head here to explore the other Champions of Targon.

Lunar Login Rewards

We told you celebration often equals rewards, and we want to honor your week-long partying. Each day you log into Legends of Runeterra during the event, you'll unlock everything from cards to quests.

Day Rewards
Day 4
  • The Fangs (Follower)
  • Stellar Invocation (Quest)
Day 5
  • The Sky Shadows (Follower)
  • Lunar Attunement (Quest)
Day 6
  • The Veiled Temple (Landmark)
  • All for One (Quest)
Day 7
  • 8 Spells
  • Spiritual Awakening (Quest)
Day 1
  • Aphelios (Champion)
  • Forge by Moonlight (Quest)
  • Complete the Cycle (Quest)
Day 2
  • The Flight (Follower)
  • Wax and Wane (Quest)
Day 3
  • The Cloven Way (Follower)
  • Strong as an Ox (Quest)


Teaming up with the Lunar Beast Squad means living your most legendary life as you track down the Lunar Beast iteself. 

Title Objective 1 OR Objective 2 Reward
Forged by Moonlight Show your devotion by creating Moon Weapons with Aphelios 20 times Play 30 Matchmade games (Wins count triple)
Year of the Ox Icon
Wax and Wane Cycle like the moon and play 2+ cards in a round 40 times N/A 1000 XP
Strong as an Ox Embody the Year of the Ox by striking the Enemy Nexus 50 times N/A 1000 XP
Stellar Invocation Cast your eyes to the stars and Invoke 50 times Draw 165 cards 1000 XP
Lunar Attunement Bask in the moonlight and fill your spell mana 80 times N/A 1000 XP
All for One! Play 50 cards released during the Lunar Celebration Target 75 allies 1000 XP
Spiritual Awakening Level up Champions 15 times N/A Fortune's Faithful Icon
Complete the Cycle Start the Lunar New Year in style by completing all seven daily Event Quests N/A Year of the Ox Card Back

Content Costs


It's time to deck out your deck (and board, guardian, and card backs) with content just in time for the Lunar Celebration.

  • Club Ox Board - 990 Coins
  • Lunar Beast Guardian - 590 Coins
  • The Beast Card Back - 490 Coins
  • Fortune's Bounty Card Back - 490 Coins
  • Fortune's Faithful Card Back- 490 Coins




Make the most of the celebrations with the Lunar Beast Squad Bundle for 2394 Coins. It contains the Club Ox board, The Beast card back, the Lunar Beast guardian, and the Firecracker T-Hex variant (which is a bundle exclusive!)

Want the emote to match the festivities? The Lunar Beast Squad Bundle contains the How 'Bout That?Not AmusedWait, What?, and Seeing Red emotes in a nice pretty package.

Night Hunters Deck


Step into the shadows with the Night Hunters Deck for 1998 Coins, and use Nocturne and Aphelios to shine bright even as you plunge your enemies into darkness.

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